These photos are of Evacuee children from Camberwell and Bristol who's schools were moved wholesale to St Neot during World War II.








Bristol Evacuees WWII


In the above photo Peggy Oxley is behind and to one side of Peter Knapmann who is marked with a large cross. Moving right is Irene Oxley, Maureen Sullavan (? Sullivan) and on the end Sidney Piddington.








Peter Knapmann's sister Doreen Knapmann is marked with a cross.

On the extreme left of the front row is Pat Oxley


Bristol Evacuees WWII St Neot








Pictured below are some children from the Bristol school, unfortunately we don't have names at present.


Bristol Evacuees WWII








Somers children who were evacuated to St Neot during WW II


Somers children Evacuated to St Neot








Some of the Teachers who came with the pupils are listed on the Exhibition page. Logo