Tubbe Callaway Window, St Neot Church

St Neot, Cornwall, England.



"Modern" colours and panel positions of the window.














Left Tubbe Arms,

below Tubbe Inscription,

centre bottom of window.
















Centre panel of four figures,St Paul, St Peter, The Saviour and St Neot.










To the left is the top left hand side panel of window. See the image of the "Hedgeland"

book text for a more detailed description of the window as it was in 1830. The "Rushforth" text also gives a description, that one is a 20th c

more up-to-date one.


























To the right is an image of the top right

panel of the window.


















Below is an image of the top centre panel of the window. The above three images are modern ones taken in 2014. See if you can spot any differences with the 1830 Hedgeland one.







"Grylls" text from the 1844 publication. This describes the window as it was in 1844.







The detailed description of the window changes in books chronologically with the various restorations that the windows have been subjected to over the years. Mattingly lists these changes in her publication. This is a very detailed "scholars" account of the variations that the windows have experienced.



This site also shows images of the "Rushforth" description of the window.



1830 "Hedgeland" Text and colour plate. The description, colours and placement of panes & windows below are as they were in 1830. They are not the same as now!