Our Usual Monthly Meetings

have been suspended during the Covid 19 Pandemic


This outside Kerdroya meeting in September was conducted in full recognition of the current Covid restrictions



St Neot Historians

St Neot Historians had their last meeting, a “Social” one in December of 2019. We met in the Institute on Monday 2nd December and each bought a plate of “Nibbles” to share and eat. Wine and soft drinks were provided. We each bought a small object of interest to show others at the meeting.


Our first meeting of 2020 will be in the Institute Committee Room at 7.30 pm on Monday 3rd of February. Author and Archaeologist Dick Cole will tell us all about the characters and history of St Enoder parish.


Our March meeting will be on Friday 6th March, that’s a Friday, different from our usual Monday as we will be having another “Pasties and Pictures” evening in the Village Hall looking at some more of the digitized cine films taken by Mary Bellringer. We look forward to any non-members attending also Members will pay the usual £1 per evening, non-members £2. Our’s and Warleggan’s 2020 programme’s can be viewed on the Archive website www.stneotarchive.co.uk


Chris Timms Sec. Historians



The St Neot Local Historians meet most months on the first Monday of the month. We are a small but enthusiastic group of locals who at present run the village archive for the communities of St Neot & Warleggan. Our membership for 2016 was 31, there is a small active core of us who administer the Archive and catalogue, store and research the contents of the Archive. We also have a project group.  We would be very pleased to see you at our meetings or have you help us in the Archive.

St Neot Local Historians

AGM Report February 2016/2017

St Neot Local Historians held their AGM in the Institute Committee Room on the evening of Monday the 6th of February. Eighteen members attended. Brian Williams, Mike & Maggie Smith, Oliver Padel & Isobel Harvey, Jerry & Bridget Masters, Julia Holden-White, Carol Tamblyn, Sally Mollard, Richard Crow, Chris Timms, Muriel Merret-Jones, Martin & Julia Eddy, Jill Thomas and John & Jill Keast.

Various reports from the Chair, Treasurer & Project Officer of the last AGM were reviewed and passed as true record of the proceedings of last year’s AGM. The Chair, Treasurers & Project Officers reports for the past year were read and discussed. Our financial situation remains very good with just under £1,000 in the account.

Amendments to the Constitution were presented by the Secretary, they were discussed and subsequently passed by members. These consisted of altering section 4 (meetings) to read “To meet monthly except in January. Annual General Meeting to be held in November ……”. Section 6 (Officers) to include the role of “President” and section 8 (Communication) “….or sent by email. Notification of meetings will be by email to all those with an email address. A hand delivered note will be given to those without an email address.”

The main change was the introduction of the role of President. It was proposed by Martin Eddy that the role of President would be undertaken by Jill Thomas, this was in recognition of the many years that Jill had spent as leader of the group, Jill was one of the founder members. This new role meant that Jill could reduce some of her time commitment but still retain an advisory function without us loosing her experience and knowledge. The proposition was accepted unanimously. The meeting applauded the confirmation of the appointment.

The election of Chair, Secretary & Treasurer then took place. Nominations were asked for and votes taken. Martin Eddy was elected as Chair, Chris Timms as Secretary and Alastair Cuthbert as Treasurer. Martin Eddy and Carol Tamblyn were appointed jointly as Project Officers.

We will hold an SGM in November of this year which will be used to change the timing of future AGM’s which will be held in November in subsequent years. This will allow more time to prepare annual programmes and officers reports as we only have the social meeting in December and do not meet in January.

During “any other business” the question of how local the local historians should be was discussed, it was felt that we could benefit from being less local and expanding the scope of our interest and visits. The content of the forthcoming year’s programme was debated and suggestions for future visits asked for. The business part of the meeting closed.

John Keast gave us an illustrated talk about Lanhydrock House and the Robartes family. This was accompanied by personal anecdotes of his family’s involvement with the house and the Robartes family. As usual with John’s talks this one was very entertaining and well researched. The meeting concluded with a round of applause as the talk was much appreciated by all.

The next meeting will be on Monday 6th March in the Committee Room in the Institute and will be a talk by Carole Vivian about Emily Hobhouse.

Chris Timms Sec.

March 2017

St Neot Local Historians

St Neot Historians held their monthly meeting in the Committee Room at the Institute in St Neot on the 6th March. The talk given by Carole Vivian was about Emily Hobhouse. Emily was born at St Ive on 9th April 1860 and died on the 8th June 1926. She is remembered in South Africa for her work in attempting to improve the conditions in the Concentration Camps during the second Boer War in 1901. She is also remembered for her pacifist work during World War two, this made her very unpopular amongst many locals who considered her a traitor. Carole’s well illustrated talk covered Emily’s life and included an overall picture of Emily’s close family. Her recognition in South Africa, her ashes being given an almost State funeral and the fact that she died virtually forgotten and unrecognised in England epitomises the “ups & downs” of her extraordinary life. The well researched and interestingly delivered talk was greatly enjoyed, Carole’s considerable knowledge coupled with a sprinkling of anecdotes ensured a very entertaining evening.

Below is something I found on-line, I have included it because I think that it gives a succinct precis of Emily’s life. Elsabe Brits wrote a book about Emily, here is an extract of the books description


A fresh, nuanced look at an extraordinary woman and her lifelong fight for justice. Defying the constraints of her gender and class, Emily Hobhouse travelled across continents and spoke out against oppression. A passionate pacifist and a feminist, she opposed both the 1899-1902 Anglo-Boer War and World War One, which led to accusations of treason. Despite saving thousands of lives in two wars, she died alone - an unsung hero in her own country.

There is a lot of information about Emily on-line, “Google” her name and see what you find!

Our next Monthly meeting will be on the 3rd of April. We will meet in the Committee Room in the Institute at 7.30 pm. The talk by Brian Oldham will be entitled “The Remarkable Daniel Gumb”. Visitors to the Cheesewring will be familiar with Daniel Gumb's "cave" and Pythagoras's Theorum carved in the roof. In reality he was a skilled stonemason and gifted cartographer. Visitors are always welcome (£2). We look forward to seeing you there.

St Neot Historians Monthly Report for October 2016

On Monday 3rd October St Neot Historians met in the St Neot Institute for their monthly meeting. This month’s subject was the St Neot Community Nursing Association in the parish of St Neot. The Archive contains records and accounts dating from 1906, this is both before nurse registration (1919) and the formation of the National Health Service in July 1948. The records began before the death of Florence Nightingale in 1910 and the struggle Ethel Manson (Mrs Bedford Fenwick) had in overcoming the opposition to national training and registration.


The local Cornish (St Neot) records show how the funds were raised by village people, how this was organised and administered, and how nurses were hired and fired! Walking, bicycling and travelling by car are mentioned as is the installation of the first phone. Some letters from the County Superintendent have been kept. There is also an interesting account of the style of discipline administered at the time. The talk given by Chris Timms was illustrated by over 50 “Powerpoint” slides.

Our next meeting will be in the Institute on the 7th at 7.30pm. The subject this month will be Innovative Geophysical Techniques in Cornish Archaeology as used in the Blowing House investigation here in St Neot. The talk will be given by Neil Wood, Camborne School of Mines, Programme Director Surveying Land & Environmental Management.

July 2015 Meeting

The June meeting involved the Oak Apple Day Celebrations