St Neot Historians April meeting, held in the School Room in the Methodists Chapel, was very well attended with over 25 people. Members are very welcome to wear a mask, a few did. Dr Gary Crossley revealed all of the St Neot gossip and scandal that was reported in newspapers of the time, 1820 to 1900. We heard about assaults and robberies, land disputes and prison sentences.


The economic situation in Cornwall during the first half of the nineteenth century was very bad, particularly after the end of the Napoleonic War when thousands of soldiers were discharged unemployed. Many families had no or very little income or employment. Many were starving and stole food in an attempt to survive, those caught were subjected to very harsh terms of imprisonment with hard labour and sometimes transportation to Australia. Children as young as 12 suffering the same as adults.


Our next meeting, our first outside one of the year, will be on Goonzion Down. Peter Herring will lead us around this legendary part of the parish. We will meet at Crowpound at 6.30pm. There will be a display of Archive material in the Historian’s Olliver Room in Cott Barn from 2pm to 5pm on that day. Anyone is welcome to tour Goonzion Down with us and also visit the exhibition in the Archive.

St Neot Historians held their second meeting of 2022 on Monday 7th March in the Methodist’s School Room. Twenty-five people attended the presentation of “The Lanhydrock Atlas” by Paul Holden. The Lanhydrock Atlas consists of 258 watercolour maps on vellum showing in wonderful detail the land and holdings from St Just in Penwith to the Devon border. St Neot Historians member Oliver Padel was also very involved in the reprinting in 2016.


There were a number of holdings and land situated within the parish of St Neot, these include Bonneys Park, Carpuan, Cullenstone, Dewey Meads, East Penkestle, East Stuffold, Little Tamar, Moorland, Moorland Mill, Stone Parks, Treveyna, and West Colliver. The spelling of the names is that used in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. We have original vellum documents of the above mentioned holdings in the Archive, these date from 1769 onwards. A lively discussion regarding the local areas took place after the presentation.


Our next meeting will be on Monday 4th April at 7.30 in the School Room when Gary Crossley will tell us about “St Neot in the News” he will reveal all the gossip in his talk on news articles in St Neot from 1820 to 1900. Annual subs of £12 per person will be collected at this meeting. We look forward to seeing you there, new members are always welcome.





First Meeting in 2021

St Neot Local Historian's first 2021 post Covid Lockdown Monthly Meeting took place on Monday 1st November 2021.


Our meeting took place at a new venue, the St Neot Chapel Sunday School Room. Fourteen members attended, we were able to sit in a socially spaced way due to the larger room in the new venue. 


Our talk for the evening was "The Voyage of the Mayflower in 1620: the Myths and Reality." Dr Mike Hayward enlightened us about the many and varied myths and misconceptions surrounding the voyage, the politics, the religious reasons, the people and their reasons for undertaking the journey. We were shown many representative computer images of the people, their starting and finishing points of the journey and the ship they travelled in. Many of the images were of paintings of the Mayflower painted by Mike himself. 


After the talk many of the audience took part in a lively discussion voicing their opinions about a number of the myths. A very stimulating evening, our first for a very long time. We are investigating the possibility of a Christmas social meeting. This will of course be dependent upon the Covid situation that prevails at the time. Our next monthly meeting may be on February 7th, more news in a little while.